notting is a gpsl set in london that focuses on the daily lives of its inhabitants. we want this to be an easy community where people can write and have fun.

our rules here are basic: be nice and play nice. if you can’t keep ic interactions separate from ooc, this isn’t the community for you. if you feel the need to anonymously drag people, this isn’t the place either. we are here for organic interaction, ic drama, character development, and awesome collaborative writing. we as mods will do our best to help keep this an inspiring, safe place to write.

obviously most of us are not british. we expect everyone to do their best writing characters from across the pond, but we also expect our members to not be dicks or nitpick other people’s characterizations. characters do not necessarily have to be british themselves, but they must have some kind of meaningful connection to london and live/work there the majority of the time.

to apply, you’ll need an in-character journal relating to your character’s name, no underscores please. you will also need a (backdated) friends-only post and an ooc contact post. we do not require a full bio, but some basic character information such as age, occupation, neighborhood, and a few facts about their personality/history are very helpful for building character connections.

we also need at least two examples of your writing. one example must be a narrative. for your second example, you may use either a scene example, writing-intensive update, or additional narrative. we’re pretty flexible on this because we just want to see your style and the effort you put in. this isn’t a job application, so show us your creativity. please link us to a locked post either in your application or the dropbox.

we have a two-character limit per member. if applying for a second character, please let us know who your first character is. if you are removed for failing to update before removals, you must reapply with a new update.

if your application is deleted, it means you have been rejected, either based on your examples or because we felt like your character was not a good fit for our community.

once you’re in, we ask that you post an intro in ____ within 72 hours. please try to be creative with these! we also ask that our existing members make an effort to comment new intros and be welcoming to new characters. intros with the majority of comments left unanswered will result in removal.

to stay in, we ask for one comments-enabled interactive post (subcomm post, instagram/social media posts, playlists, ffas, etc.) and one writing update each month. your updates can be narratives, letters, emails, text messages, mixed-media — pretty much anything counts as long as there is a substantial writing element. we don’t have a word limit, but we do want to see some effort. we’re here to write and share our writing with others. please contact the mods if you have questions about activity or what counts as an update.

regarding offsite activities (chats,, games): we’re not going to police what our members do offsite. however, we strongly encourage group activities that remain on the fpage. we as mods will do our best to have social events, plot posts, ffas, and other activities to keep things moving, and members are always encouraged to contribute their own ideas.